Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our first family trip

Ho Chi Minh

28th January 2017

00.01 am (Malaysian time)

Gosh it has been ages since i last travel. The last time was before getting married. I really didnt see it coming. But here we are now. Alhamdulillah. 

Upon arrival, we browse through the internet and found out that people go to HCM gor shopping! We tried to search for other nature attractions nearby, and found the nearest would be Mekong river which os quite costly for us. 

But we are too grateful and happy for the chance and shall enjoy every moment. 

Most blogs that we find share shopping experience and tips, also the place of interest such as the war museum,mekong river and etc. 

Now, it s the end of our first day here, and it s amazing! Turning from a single traveller to a mom traveller, you really see things in a different perspective!

There are so many mompreneurs here that i almost cried😢. As we walked along the streets i see amazing women doing 'street marketing' while their children play at the streets. A lot of them have babies being put in a rocker!

I see small chairs and cute coffee table nearby their display area where they put their 'bento'. There were bowls of half eaten rice with some sauces. As they do their business they ll feed their children. 

Then as we walked further to the street shops, i was surprised that most of them live in the shop! Like the pharmacy for instance, at the front part of the shop there s poison cabinet, but right from the entrance of the shop i can see stove, tv set, hangers towels etc. 

It was really amazing! Why? Because they don't look troubled by that!!!! 

In Malaysia, we shall feel sympathy to the motorist who carries babies and small children on their motor. But in vietnam, it s really not a big deal. 

All i can say that they are very strong people! And to the mompreneurs in HCM, they are rasing great kids with a very strong common sense! However it s all depend on how you view things, if these mompreneurs utilise their situation as a tool to raise amazing children, i can see there shall be great numbers of awesome bussinessman from HCM in the future.

Phew finally. Still a lot to tell. Hopefully can pen them out tomorrow

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