Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank you

Date : 14th September 2012
Time : 1:14 pm
Location : Stor

Finally i have the time for blogging.

It s always feels right to read and update blog when you are alone; and not using your android.

(I have less than 2 hours then to get back to work)

Lately,  i always got carried away mostly in my conversations. Having too much ideas, dreams, opinions and stuff  makes me become more frank and outspoken. I  really did speak my mind despite of their age, social status or whatsoever.

But somehow, when i got carried away, i tend to make mistakes and most of the time i  missed out certain points.

*  *  *

" a true friend is the one who you can blurt out all the stupid and emotional thingy, ideas and opinions, and yet they don't judge, and after you realized how silly you have been, you just don't feel embarrassed with them"

I have many of them. Thank you

Time : 1.32pm