Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This post is totally about me, not my thoughts.

It has been 2 months, since i last post and also since i resigned from being the government servant and now working as a residence pharmacist in a community setting. So :-

1. Most people will ask me, " is it that bad, that you resign?"," tak best eh?" , "Gaji sikit ke?", " stress ke?". None of them are true. Alhamdulillah, i consider myself lucky as working in Hospital had been great for me, i was lucky to be surrounded by good team. Yeah once in a while, i get this what's called 'Monday Blues', somehow i always feel content and satisfied, be it in Outpatient department, or even Store. When i was in Outpatient Department, i enjoyed the very bit of everything, from screening, filling, dispensing, handling UMP 1 Malaysia. Well maybe i was lucky not to be put in charge of 5S. Dispensing is what i enjoyed most, especially during Ramadhan. I feel like crying to most of the patient that i dispense, appreciating how GREAT ALLAH is. I am inspired, most of the time. There were once when i was so stressed with my unprepared research presentation, i just DISPENSE. Dispensing made me so focused towards other people rather then me, and managed to make me realize how small my problem is.

2. As for Store, a totally different environment. Here, i am inspired by the people working in store. What i learn most when i was in store, apart from the bigger picture of running a pharmacy department, purchasing, etc ; is being good, nice, thoughtful, generous and efficient person. I also made a promise to myself to try my best to take everybody seriously.

3. Now, working in retail pharmacy, A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE. It is not that there was no job satisfaction, but here what i get is DIRECT JOB SATISFACTION. Maybe because, i am  in charge of customers ONLY, so i can focus. Maybe if i have to handle stocks, purchasing etc, it is a different story. Well, it has been only 2 months, but it is a life changing decision, in fact i felt that it is also a personality changing decision.

It is quite challenging to handle customers, convince them or tame them. haha. Sometimes, they are being rude, snobbish, and just difficult.They can just make you cry. " Sabar" " Patience" was the words that my colleagues will whisper to me when they know that i may get on my nerve. There were once, i was serving one customer who were asking so many questions and didn't even bother to listen to my answer, then my boss write down a note on a piece of paper saying " Test Kesabaran" and passed it to me. Suddenly, i feel like laughing and i just "layankan je customer tu"

One of my biggest personal achievement was when i got a scolding from my dad. Usually, i will get upset and pull out a face and just be 'silent'. But, i remained really calm (not forced, seriously), and i just managed to ignore my feeling, and i tried to justify why my dad got mad. After that, he said sorry to me, heheh. It was great. I hope i can maintain that. Pray for me.

Anyway, what i  planned to write was actually, other satisfaction that i find after making this life changing decision:

1) Managed to do laundry on a daily basis, so tak ada kain membukit!
2) More frequent morning jogs
3) Able to do more house chores compared to before.Today i cleaned my brother's bathroom.Yay!
4) More quality time with my family, i am able to see my brother and sister going to school
5) Better commitment with friends i supposed, as we meet on a weekly basis.

Yeah, alhamdulillah