Wednesday, October 5, 2011

song review or what?

Time : 5.30 pm
I was driving alone in the rain, accompanied by good music,whilst enjoying the scenery behind the windscreen. Oh, how i wish i can just stop the car at the roadside and let myself be captivated by its splendid-ness, maybe with a cup of hot coffee!

Yes! i always love it when it rains! bliss~

I headed to 7-Eleven which happened to be on my right! Went in and bought Old Town White Coffee Ice--> not hot,but still good enough :) And that brings me to-->

Now: 3.31 am
- not sleepy. But hey, don't get me wrong, i'm not a fan of coffee.

It's a song review, erm not my favourite, but they got me thinking...

Song :Malique ft Rabbani - Perang Dah Tamat

This song describes the emotion and sense of victory when the war is finally over ...

some of the lyric that caught me thinking..(i feel like sharing the whole lyric, but its going to be very lengthy)

Kita selamat
Kabus dah hilang
Perang dah tamat


Perang sudah bubar
Perang sudah bubar
Ganti sebiji peluru
Dapat sebatang cigar
Perang sudah bubar
Perang sudah bubar
Ganti sebatang senapang
Dapat sebiji gitar


One day, when the war really is over, and the victory belongs to the owner..

Do i actually deserve to say, or sing the lyrics and be excited with it?

Because, when the war actually comes to an end, do i have anything to do with it?

Because, the truth is, most of the time i totally forget about them,



or can i just say

i include them in my d'ua....

astaghfirullah al azim