Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's either I have so many stories to share or I have nothing to share here.

Anyway, here are some thoughts and points to ponder, also some craps for you to bare with:

1.Just to share thoughts form others, hmm..

"apa gunanya saya memperluaskan kenalan wanita/lelaki saya tanpa kepentingan sedangkan saya hanya milik bakal isteri/suami saya seorang"

2.I' m not into cats, but my siblings are TRUE CAT LOVERS and there are 5 of them:
  • Black old female cat – 'Mak die'
  • Black and White male cat - 'Abang die' – anak 'Mak die' dengan suami pertama
  • Black female cat (still teenager) – Oprah
  • Black female cat with white dots near the nose(same age as Oprah) – Cindy Crawford
  • Black small kitten ( same age as Oprah and Cindy) – Sindrome

3.It's Ramadhan, and it's great to actually having the 1st breakfast at home.

Our first Ramadhan menu: Roti John (Org Kg Sg Tangkas), Mini Murtabak (Org Kg Sg Tangkas), Bubur Jagung, Fruit Cocktail, Sarsi, and Mexican Bun. – Simple, not heavy,and not so different from my daily Ramadhan menu in Kuantan, BUT, it's great when you are having them with all your family members.2nd Ramadhan menu – will be at Cik Pah's house.

I like my sahur menu at home – again when you are having them at home and 'sambil-sambil tengok tv – NUR KASIH'
  • 1st sahur – Nasi and kuah Rawan…yummm
  • 2nd sahur – Nasi and Ayam Masak Merah yang sangat sedap

My Terawih at Masjid UKM – Ok, the surah x panjang sangat and SANGAT ramai orang, me and my sis keep on changing the saff to ensure that people next to us is not the same person – H1N1 precautioncam ngarut jek!

Hope this Ramadhan is going to be A TOTAL TURNING POINT and a platform for me to find answers in all my 'PERSOALAN HIDUP' and 'SOALAN MID SEM'.

This may be my last Ramadhan as a student, and I shall cherish all the moment of hardship, sahur and break-fast and many other things because if there is another Ramadhan for me, it would not be the same.. *sigh*