Friday, December 16, 2011

Good Deed

Hey, remember when i say how boring and dull my blog is? Well here is another story of me in the car on my way to work...

and....remember when i say there are number of people whom i find their tazkirah quite interesting? Well, one of them is Ustaz Nasib Zawawi.

I was listening to him on the radio on my way to work talking about few types of good deed.I did not manage to jot down all the 'cool' and 'a slap in the face' points that he said.So unfortunately i forgot all of them. Though i remember the topic that he talked about but, i can't seem to recall the gist of his tazkirah.

Anyway these points are just popped up ideas from my own deep think. (not evidence based, but still i want to write about it)

So far i can think of 2 types of good deeds:
1) by fitrah (nature)
2) by order

1. One day,when i was in a middle of a group discussion with colleagues, a good friend of mine called me, asking me if can pick her up from the bus station since there was no one to pick her up and she was carrying heavy luggage. Without hesitation, i excused myself to leave early to pick her up.

2. We were on our way down from Mount Senyum Summit, i was exhausted added up to being dehydrated, the haversack at my back was killing me, but i pushed myself up to continue the journey. Suddenly, one of my teammate injured her ankle and had difficulties to even walk. So, all of us took turns carrying her haversack and helped to carry her all the way down.

3. One fine evening, i was looking for a parking near the shop lots, when i saw a group of boys wanted to cross the road, so i slowed down and gave way for them.

4. 'Help!!! I'm being robbed!!' I was actually at the same escalator as the thief who was trying to run away, so with all the might and gut that i had, i lifted my leg up, and made him fell down...and the handbag is back to the owner.

Here are some examples showing that, the human being is just one remarkable creation. Doing good deed is human nature. These are the things that, most of us do and they are actually good deeds. Some people do say that by just being a human being, the world can be better place to live in, provided we just follow our human nature, which is one of them by doing good deeds.

But let's just see it this way, imagine how would you feel if :

1. You are actually already on your way to pick up your friend from the bus stop. You've ignored the cynical remarks from some of you colleagues for leaving the discussion early. Suddenly, your friend called you saying that her boyfriend finally can pick her up and they were heading for their dinner. She invited you to join her though..

2. Towards the end of the expedition, when you finally reach the base camp and and was getting ready to clean and pack things up around the camp,the injured teammate's parent came and fetched her, and left without even saying thank you.

3. The group of boys that you gave way for them to cross the road, deliberately walked slowly and took such a long time to cross the road. They were laughing around and joking with one another ignoring you in the car waiting for them.

4. After you gave the handbag to the owner, she just took it and walked away and that's it.

Naturally, i shall say that somehow we do feel angry, pissed off, hurt or offended, more or less unappreciated if we were to be in these situation and as such....isn't?

That is why, despite doing good deed is already in our nature, ALLAH has command us to do good deed!

Because if we do good deed because of ALLAH commandments, we don't give a damn of what's the outcome of it.We are doing it not just because it's our nature, but we are ordered to do that.

And that makes ISLAM beautiful.

So when they say, why you need to be asked to do good deeds when doing them is actually part of human nature, i have my answer

Ohhh i just hope that you get my points here and i don't cause any misunderstanding.

p/s : but the tazkirah that i listened by Ustaz Nasib Zawawi gave clearer picture about it.