Tuesday, July 14, 2009

posted monologue

I hope and deeply wish that my final year in Kulliyyah Of Pharmacy is going to be a BLAST and MEMORABLE one which is going to end up as a PERFECT ENDING, not just for me, but to every single breathing soul in the 5th batch.

We had 3 years and in fact some of us may even have 5 years of knowing each other. We may have a lot of bitter memories in the past 3 years but I do hope that the PERFECT FINAL YEAR shall rub off the sour memory. Maybe in future, we will be laughing as we look back on how we reacted and responded.

This high expectation apart from my 1 week late of registering for the new semester just give the creeps and adrenaline rush as i feel left out. Sometimes, I have doubts upon my batch, and right now, I don’t feel like going back to Kuantan at all. I have the feeling that something is going wrong or is going to be not right. I don’t know, we may look alike, and have the same color of skin and hair, but we never know what lies within, and what do others think and feel about you.

I have been trying to be positive, but the negative thoughts have been running around in my brain. If you think that it’s about academic, you are off beam.What is wrong with me??I hate being so conscious in this case...