Sunday, April 5, 2015



Fuh I am not sure how in future I am going to update my blog. Yes, indeed for those who read a lot, and writes, they shall stay consistent updating their blog.

Anyway today I am alone, husband is working (opps i'm married, alhamdulilllah), parents went out for kenduri, younger sister went for driving lesson, and I'm alone at home staring at the TV, hopping from one channel to another. TV programmes can't seem to satisfy me lately....then dozed off


Woke up, the TV still on, it s NONA. One of the segments really caught  my interest, I end up with teary eye.

Story 1:

A story of 57 years old man, who opened 7 eleven in Bukit Bintang in 1984. His dad passed away in 1990 which made him decide to let go everything and stay at the village to take care of his mom who suffers from stroke. What really caught my interest was, as compared to many other similar true stories shown on TV whereby we shall feel sympathy towards the family and shed some tears out of humanity, this man is different. The house was very simple, like many other wooden village house.
The segment showed how he bathe his mom, helped her take wudhu, wear the telekung and perform solat. He prepares her food and drinks, and his mom looks very clean. Then he shall help to put a small desk on her bed for his mom to read the quran. Everything looks clean and organized. In most case we shall notice the caregiver looks quite tired, but not this man. He never stop smiling!!!! Subhanallah, he does seems very happy. He said, treat your mother like a queen. and he really does treat her like a queen. At that moment, I felt quite jealous of him, because I am sure he is one of the chosen one by ALLAH. He is still single, but I believe, it's because he is too good for any women on earth. He might be seeing his other half in heaven. Insyaallah.

Story 2:

It's almost the same as story 1, but it is between husband and wife. And the family are quite well to do. The husband who is actually a public figure Jins Samsuddin, suffers from Alzheimer. The wife took care of him almost the same way as the man in story 1. What really made me cried was her inspiring words.

" Saya bersyukur kepada Allah kerana diberi peluang untuk merasai ujian kecil ini"


after all, that s what life in this world for. to be tested. Hereafter is the ultimate.

inspired. I realized I haven't perform Zuhr prayer, so I switched off the TV.