Thursday, April 9, 2009


Before I begin my emotional entry, I just want to say sorry to all cat lovers, animal lovers and environmentalist out there!

Trust me, before I came to Kuantan, I am not an animal lover, but I don’t hate animals as well. I never hit cats and still never and don’t have the heart to do that. Well, maybe occasionally I do intentionally; kill the ants, and maybe other insects. In fact, sometimes I enjoy playing with the kittens, and the feel of stroking the soft and tender furs is calming. Unfortunately, once I came to Kuantan, there are lots of incident that pissed me of. I had been controlling the urge to post entry about this, out of RESPECT to the cat lovers. But now, respect NO MORE.

Here is the story:-

1. It was 1st year, during exam week, it was stressful windy evening, (I don’t remember what subject I was studying), I went out of the room and suddenly, I realized that, ‘someone’ had peed in front of the door! Let me tell you, it’s not like one drop of urine, it’s more than enough to fill 100 vials! Imagine…Pissed off, but since it’s exam week, so I just clean them out without complaining loudly hoping that ALLAH will reward me in the exam hall.

2. It was Thursday night, the night before going to Perak for McLEAD. It was a tiring day as we just had our Industrial Tabletting practical and my group was the last one to finish. I have to pack up for McLEAD, but I decided to take a short nap because I was exhausted. That is when I realized that my bed is wet. ‘Pelik’ but I was too tired to check and just assume that it’s just ‘air biase’ when I realized that it was not just wet, it’s warm wet ( I don’t have the adjective to describe it). ‘Tak jadi nak tidor’ I check my bed and OMG, they stinks!! ‘KUCING KENCING LAGI!!!’.It’s like almost half of my bed! Extremely pissed of, I decided to wash my whole compartment and the foyer in front, I bring out all the shelves, and I WASH THEM! I was lucky to have Jijah and Atiq to ‘layan’ me. Thanks you guys *hugs*

3. This time, it’s just one of the boring and tiring days, I just got back from the class, put my bag, and went to the toilet and I forgot to close the door. When I came back, there was a fluffy cute cat on my table. I wasn’t in a bad mood, so I chase the cat out nicely and with love..haha! Only then I realized that ‘die kecing atas meja study aku and berjejeran atas lantai!’ I was so pissed of until I cried….sambil membersihkan bilik….DAMN!!!!

4. Today, after so long, again it happens. This morning, struggling to revise for MCQ, I went out, put on my shoe and…I smell the MOST UNPLEASANT SMELL EVER, STINKS AND IT SUFFOCATES ME. They had activated my anger receptor. Along the way to KOM, I just can’t read the notes anymore, I keep thinking about the smell and the CATS. Only when we got back, me and awe realized that, ‘kucing berak!!!’ in our laundry pail!!!

5. These are the incident that I will never forget. Banyak lagi, kes kucing kencing, berak, curi makanan.

Let’s go straight to the lesson of the day:

1. Mulianya hati pencinta binatang, banyak pahala diorang sebab membela binatang ni memang menguji kesabaran.

2. Tapi alangkah sayangnye, pahala yang kita dapat tu, di tolak pulak dengan dosa yang kite buat. Dosa?

a. Makcik2 cleaner yang saban hari terpakse membersihkan najis kucing, kesian diorang. If I were the makcik, berbakul2 sumpah seranah dah…tak pasal2 dapat dosa kering, sebab kita yang saying kucing and suka bagi makan, orang lain dosa sbb banyak sgt mencarut sebab terpaksa membersihkan hasil pencernaan kucing ke atas makanan yang kita kasi tu.

b. Bayangkan, kalau kite terpijak dan x perasan, pastu buat sembahyang pulak…..apekah itu? Tak tau la kot2 ade hujah dan pendapat pasal tu…

c. Mungkin kita boleh sabar, tapi kite kena consider masyarakat di sekeliling. Take responsibility of your action. How?

i. You love the cat, and you want the cat to in the mahallah, you feed them
(always or occasionally) in the pantry, the cats will start to feel
comfortable and feel free to ‘ berak and kencing merata-rata kat mahallah,
so be ready to clean them!!!

ii. If you don’t want to clean them, please, kalau nak bagi makan, make sure you
are far away from mahallah.

iii. Or, if you really love them, send all the cats to SPCA or any agencies.
They’ll take a really good care of the cats



I don’t know what you’ll think of me when you read this, but this is how I feel right now and I want you to know. I am terribly sorry to my friends who are cat lovers..SORRY GUYS. I hope that one day; ALLAH will grant me a heart like you guys. Now, my love towards cats had vanished. Sorry sume2 yang syg kucing . AKU MOHON MAAF IKHLAS

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why do I blog?

Well, currently studying clinical pharmacy, but as usual, i'm distracted with the high speed internet right now, and unfortunately, i'm stuck reading people's blog.

I have been thinking, why do actually people blog? But i don't have the time to do some research, so here is the inconcrete reason i have figured out :-

1. If you are not careful enough, you can be arrested in ISA! - that shows the impact of blog

2. Most reporters have their own blog - they can express more freely, no edit-edit, it's all in their control (BUT, with etiqques of course!)

3. People do blog, to gain money! That's creative...

4. Our leaders have their own blog. Check out che det's - this is where they spill out and share their brains, thinkings, view, comments with normal people like us!

5. Some people do it for dakwah - From the the students - make sure jage niat tu!

6. Some to share info and as an effort to unite people -- check out MyPSA blogspot

7. Some just love to write - they will write poems, stories, riddles, and other creative entries

8. Some people blogs on what they do, their activities...this is good actually, we'll learn to appreciate every single moment of our life ---> more as a memoir... people will know their recent updates...

9. Some average people (as in not a public figure) just want to express their thoughts, ideas, emotion, disagreement, point of view, interest and many more

10. Some just love to write on comtroversial issue....

AND MANY MORE REASON, which, i don't feel like including....10 is enough already..

some of us may not agree with the reasons of blogging.
Some expression such as ' come on, your blog bores me, it's not fun at all' , or ' omg, he actually tells every single thing about his life,puh-leaaase', ' what's the point of posting such entries!' , ....

That shows, that every people has their own purpose and reason for blogging and we have to RESPECT that! There is no one definite purpose of blogging...Different reason for different people...

p/s : As for me, i seldom update.Previously, in my friendster blog, the posts are mostly on what i do, or what happen to me...usually i post what i feel like writing (or typing)..

This semester, many things happen that make me do a lot of thinking; which makes me feel like posting more on what i think rather than what i do.... *long sigh* ... (padahal baru 4 post je...hahahahaha)