Friday, October 9, 2009

Justifying my weekends

Phew, susah betul nak update blog, I am so stressed with my laptop, so slow, it takes hours even for one letter to appear…cis! My ram is like 200+ MB, memang sikit kan? Or is it me who don't know how to take care of this expensive 'black book'…hmm

Anyway, half of the semester has already passed, let me just brief what I did during the weekends.

I registered 1 week late, so I had like extra 7 days of holidays! Yay! So, I did not go back during my first weekend. I can't really recall what I did during that weekend, but I think I spend most of the time practicing my vocals at Xanax with Ray and Fizah. And yeah, we went to somewhere near Gunung Tapis. We had hard time reaching the destination. Huh!

The second week, I joined Mount Buah Expedition with GG and Mida. Spent 2 nights at Mida's brother's house. Really had a great time. Oh, went to PC fair and bought and external hard disk…ahah!

What I did for my third week eh? Barely nothing…went to Xanax again with Tas, testing our vocals. And we went to Fun Fair..haha! Wait a sec, I think that is during the fourth week. I really can't recall what I did for my third week…erk.

After 1 month, the fifth week I went back home, skip class on Monday. It was a bliss! Then, Monday night head off to Terengganu…hmm, stayed until Wednesday. So I had like extra 3 days of 'holidays'. So that weekend I stay back at Kuantan. Preparing for the exam…prepare ke? Haha

That bring us to the seventh week, and of course I stayed back since we had exam during the weekends.

The eighth week, I went back to my hometown in Terengganu, to spend some time there. After 4 years of studying here, I've always been reluctant to go back to my hometown, sedangkan dekat…Now, I am so regretful!! I suck at keeping in touch, and making an effort for sillaturrahim…damn!

So, total up -

I spent 3 weekends in Kuantan

I spent 1 weekend on top of mountain

I spent 12 days = 4 weekends with my family

Just justifying my priority…

(Apparently this is supposed to be a post before raya, adey dah terlambat almost 1 month)