Sunday, March 19, 2017


Umayr is sleeping, izzat is at work, it s already 5.30pm. Just want to laze and at least publish a new post.

One of the best advice that i get before getting married is from my mom.

Like other people, we love to hear stories about our parents when they were young.

Amazingly, my parents are not those typical parents in malay drama who tells their kids how hard their life is when they were young or just married.

I remember my mom and dad will laugh when they reminisce their early married life. Like how they have to korek my tabung (the duit raya that i as the first baby collected as i was born) to buy diapers milk powders and other neccessities. And how they control their finance such as 1 fish for 2 person. And how their house has nothing and how they use boxes and cover them with table cloth to make them look like a coffee table.

Well as i was getting married, i asked my mom,

actually what you guys went through can be considered as hard time isn it?

My mom looked quite surprised and said not at all. Never once she ever tought her life was pathetic.

"We were happy and very content"

"We never felt...if only we are rich and we can eat nicer food"

My mom told me, the key to happiness is redha. If you have redha in your heart insyaallah you ll be happy.

Alhamdulillah. That one piece of simple advice is so essential.

Right now i am happy and blessed, i have a loving husband and soleh son, we have a place to live. Our house is very simple, it is the back of a shop, so we arrange them so they look homey and comfy for us. We have a fridge to keep our food, washing machine to wash our clothes and izzat is so creative that he made our own ampaian.  Alhamdulillah so far i never once complained and feel envy with other couples.

Sometimes i get confused when other people with bigger paycheck says that they dont have enough money and complaints about the economy.

I asked izzat, why is that so? He says their standard of living is high.

Alhamdulillah, i am thankful to Allah who grant me parents who raise me to be a grateful person and are able to be content with what we have. I am so so thankful to  Allah with my life.

Dear my children i hope you guys shall grow up happy with less.


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