Saturday, January 4, 2014


new post. new year, new laptop. :)

i think my endurance level is quite high (puji diri sendiri pulak)

i can live with the slowest ever laptop back in uni years.When I typed one word, i can go make a cup of coffee first while waiting for those words to appear.

I am not an athletic kind of person,back in school, when i was in a netball team (class netball team), i never get to play, because i am not aggressive. But hey! i can stand paddling all day long under the hot sun along Sungai Pahang! and whenever i go hiking, i can stand being the last one to reach the basecamp or summit. 

oh even my handphone, i can stand living without a handphone charger. i lived by charging the phone anywhere, anytime using any charger. hahah

 well, it all depends on perspective.

Today, in 2014 i'll list out few life lessons that i learnt : 

1) Happiness is a choice. I hear this often even during my uni years, but i came to realize and practice them quite recently.

2) If you can't change the situation, change the perspective ( this one lesson i learnt in 2013)

3) But if you can change the situation, work towards that ( am working on it)

4) Life is about making decisions, and there are no right decision. The most important thing is how you make a decision. ( Back in 2013, i made few significant decisions about my life, which i felt was the right thing to do, and now in 2014, when i was about to face the impact of those decisions, i am considering to take a detour) ALLAH knows best. whatever path that i choose, may that path leads me to ALLAH and prophet Muhammad pbuh. 

5) Learn to respond not react. Whenever people are being harsh and mean to me, i learnt that if i just be patient, don't react, think before respond, i ll realize that they are just being insecure. So, just be patient.

ok that's it. My life has always been good. Alhamdulillah ya ALLAH for the blessings.