Friday, August 13, 2010



I thought that i have so many exciting stories to share here, but after so many saved drafts, i end up not finishing any of them. Most of them are only halfway done. Yet, at home, i always have so many ideas to chat about; not necessarily about work, sometimes things that i listen from the radio, news, things that i see and observe, funny stories, current issues and other scoops that i find interesting. That is why i thought that i have so many things to blog out here.

Maybe this is because, i find it quite difficult to find suitable words, phrases, expressions to make sure that other people can grasp my point. Of course, it's easier for me to express the message face to face because, even if you can't find suitable words, you have expressions, tone and actions to help.

This brings me to ponder about Tazkirah (a short preach that serve as a reminder to the community). I am a dreadful person because, i am always reluctant to listen to Tazkirah .I even think that "nah, they are pretty much the same, basically you have to do good deeds and avoid doing bad stuff, most of the facts are no alien to me"


There are (but not many) number of persons whom i find that their tazkirah are quite interesting. Thinking about it i felt that the reason lies behind the elaboration of the already - known - points combined with accurate examples. These persons are able to find examples that revolves around me and other people and able to make me visualise, feel and appreciate the already - known points.

Which make me realise that, to be a preacher, you have to be observant of things around you, observant of human behavior and nature of life. Then you can explain your points by making examples using things around you. That explains why a speaker need to know their audience. Knowing the audience does not only mean knowing their occupation, level of education and monthly income, but also their lifestyle, and perceptions and even natural habit. Thus giving speech does not only mean delivering the points and facts but also being able to inspire and make make the audience appreciate those facts.

Now i know why i find it easier to tell stories to my family at home, because of course i know them very well!

These are obtainable skills whether in speaking or writing. So, nothing is impossible....

p/s: Initially, the title was supposed to be blank as i don't know what to write, but i'll change it to tazkirah...