Sunday, November 27, 2011


Again, it's raining and today is a holiday --> Must write before the rain ends.

A lot has been happening since my last post...A LOT....then i realized that it was only a month ago.

It was long time since i last exercise consistently, only then when i realized it was only 6 month ago.

It seems that time don't fly as fast as i thought.

Well, i don't know what does this signifies, am i enjoying every moment of my life right now?


Maybe i just love to work out--> sungguh x best ayat ni ( like i used to have a perfect body figure)

Anyway, i find that most of my post are quite simple and some may say dull --> whatever..

All i write about are what i see on my way to work, the songs that i listen to in the car, the weather, how i hate cats, random thoughts, conversations that i hear. Once in a while i write about things that i do. Well i do feel the same way about my facebook profile ( no uploading photo or status updates showing how busy and how fun my life is)

some may sarcastically say --shifaa, get a life! --> not affected

some did say --> shifaa, you didn't socialize that much do you? --> offended, but whatever.

Maybe as years pass by, you just know what you want in life. And i find that i'm fine with simple. Simple thing makes me happy,simple people make me think and self reflect..and bla bla bla

I can say that i just love to daydream, and at the end of the day i never regret of doing that --> except when i do this during solat --> astaghfirullah al azim (satan always has it ways of straying people --> have to fight!!!)

Anyway, summarizing of A LOT of things that happening since my last post:

I came into one generalized conclusion (typical me - i always quickly jump into conclusion) -->

In life, there is no such thing as WRONG DECISION. It's actually HOW you decide, BELIEVING in what you decide, and be RESPONSIBLE of your decision.