Saturday, February 23, 2013

Potpouri of thoughts

1. Sambal Belacan, Tempoyak, Pucuk Paku Masak Lemak and Sambal Tempe : drools~

It was my lunch menu with Tok Umi at PKNS Bangi's food court. Too bad for Tok Umi having such granddaughter who doesn't cook. As i was enjoying my meal, apart from the fact that i don't talk when i actually eat and munch, my eyes were fixed to one of the stall in the food court. It's a noodle stall where they sell only noodles which also includes Sizzling Yee Mee cooked with beef and mushroom- drools~ What caught my eyes was, there were 3 staff and a child. A husband and a pregnant wife (that makes 2), one lady at the back who was washing the dishes and one cute boy running around from stall to stall making people laugh. I don't know if it is just me or not, but i noticed that the husband was eating Nasi Goreng while the pregnant wife was cooking and preparing order for the customers, the other lady - still washing dishes. Then as soon the the husband finishes his meal, his wife took turn to rest. She had her lunch at the counter and later the son came back feeling sleepy, so she cradled her son to sleep while taking orders.They looked so happy and content! 

" Tok Umi, diorang mesti tak pernah cuti kan? kalau cuti duit tak masuk, mana ada food court tutup kan" as soon as i have cleared my plate. 

2. Another quiet day, as i parked my car and walked along the shop lots on Saturday Morning. It was 10.15 am. Actually, i was on my way to work. It was a quiet morning, but the workshop was opened and i saw they were busy fixing motorbikes and cars at the roadside. Then i saw a haggard looking man unloading ice packs to the restaurants; One shabby looking aunty with a husband in the lorry waiting for her to take unused boxes from the shops. Being in a vacation mood, I was actually imagining myself as a traveler as i walked towards the shop that i work. 'What in the world was i thinking?!' because i was impressed with the daily activities that is happening around me. I was inspired to see their determination, and as a traveler, i would go back to my homeland and tell stories to my friends and family of what i see. Without them, this town will be dead! They didn't realize that just by doing their daily chores and not taking holidays they might actually serving people who are on holiday, or at least in a holiday mood like me!

3. I was with my friend on our way back from a wedding, we were in a heavy traffic. 

Me : " Eh ko pernah tak terfikir, aku ada cerita aku, ko ada cerita ko, then setiap orang dalam kereta kat atas jalan raya ni, ada cerita masing masing. hebat kan. Ini baru kat jalan raya ni, belum cerita pasal negara atau satu dunia. Every single soul has their own story of their life, problems and how they overcome them, inspiring and life changing moments that happened to them or that they came across. They are actually tailored by ALLAH, The Magnificent. EVERY SINGLE LIVING SOUL. Not mentioning of the dead ones"

Friend : " A ah hebat kan. apa yang lagi hebat, macam mana sebenarnya setiap satu cerita itu berkait antara satu sama lain. Sebab setiap cerita seseorang, akan ada kaitan dengan manusia lain. For instance you told me one motivating life changing stories of your friend to me,which made your friend's story into mine already, that is in Allah's tailored planned.subhanallah. 

Both of us were shocked of what we just realized. (I don't know if you can get me, but at least my friend did)

May point is, i am blessed with a great life since i was born. I took long holidays and traveled, some with families and some with friends. Alhamdulillah, after graduate, i had almost all of my salary to myself. Some people may need to use them to support their parents, siblings or their own new family and i have them all to myself. Thank you ALLAH. It is a blessing. Allah had made my dream real, through traveling, when some girls at my age didn't have the chance to. Well the world belongs to ALLAH. Thank you ALLAH for allowing me to set foot at the other side of the world and i hope there'll be more.

Everyone's story is unique and interesting, it is just whether we realize it or not. As for me, i felt that Allah gave me bonus for giving me the chance to travel. Thank you ALLAH.

Friday, February 8, 2013

i missed it again

After 3 years, i missed January! Never post anything on the month of January. Have to wait for 2014 then :)