Sunday, February 22, 2009

Edited version of 'Daerah' - Daerah Aku

I'm not talented of making poems, so i edited 'Daerah Ini' to make them more ME....haha

Mereka kata:
kau akan sayu di daerah itu,
jawapanku: Aku selalu bersama tuhanku
kupasrah padaNYA,sehening tiupan salju
kernaNYA aku rasa jitu dan mampu melebihi manusia beribu

Daerah ini daerah tenang, sekalipun ada yang kata outdated
Daerah ini daerah damai, sekalipun sukar untuk sampai
Daerah ini daerah merdeka, sekalipun ada yang mengejeknya
Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini

Kata mereka : daerah kau itu jauh
Jawab ku : pada Tuhan aku bersauh kukuh

Yang jauh itu jiwa yang mungkir
Padaku daerah ini amat hampir

Kata mereka : daerah kau itu sepi
Jawab ku : Aku tidak pernah sunyi dengan alunan murni
Yang sepi itu jiwa yang inginkan pujian dan belaian kasih mesra
Padaku cukuplah dengan irama keredhaan Tuhan

Daerahku ini daerah berpendirian, berpaksikan firman Tuhan
Bukan ikut trend, bukan ikut kawan, bukan ikut sorakan atau tepukan
Daerah ini tidak pernah peduli
Apa kata orang sekeliling

Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Sekalipun ada yang tak gemari
Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Sendiri membawa diri dan sanubari

Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Kerna aku mengerti, ia amat suci dan abadi

I am happy of what i am right now, no regret of being among the minority ~ if you know what i mean

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Rid of Pain :-'(

Body System: Central Nervous System - Pain and Opioid Analgesic - Dr. Bala

This is the lecture which I spent most of the time by dozing off..Zzzzzz. Even when I tried to listen back to the recorded lecture, I fell asleep after the first 15 minutes..and wake up on the next day! How sedative…! Well, he spent exactly 58 minutes and 48 seconds (how accurate is that!) talking about Pain and their Killers! (Hey, it’s not violent!)

Do you guys know that in war, whenever our soldiers were SEVERELY injured, they seem to tolerate with the pain?

This is because, they have their own inner PAIN KILLER inside their body. But, this particular assassin will not kill the pain unless they (the pain sensation) are TERRIBLE! (kire diorang tak main la kalau setakat sakit sikit). So, don’t expect that when you accidentally cut your hand, you will not feel the pain, because this painkiller acts only if the pain is extremely severe.

Who is this high class assassin? –They are – ENDOGENOUS OPIOID PEPTIDES a.k.a EOP

* to be precise, they don’t actually KILL the pain, but rather CONTROL them

Well, maybe some family history of this brutal murder, EOP?

EOP has his own followers who claimed and proud to be part of the pain mafia. They tried to be different and distinctive, with their weird names – ENDORPHIN, ENKEPHALIN, DYNORPHINEThey think it’s brutal –do you think so??

* That is why today, we can see many EOP wannabes out there in the market (should I say blackmarket?) . They are all not original, not natural…all are SYNTHETIC. But hey! They are willing to kill even minor pain! Have you heard of morphine and codeine? They are among the SYNTHETIC OPIOIDS. Just for your information, there are also semisynthetic opioids (But, we’ll just talk about them later…)

How on earth they can actually reduce and kill the pain???

Well these pain killers either synthetic or EOP, actually kills the pain with the aid of a thing call THE RECEPTOR. There are 3 types of receptors known as Mrs. Mew ( µ ), Mr. Kappa and their son called Delta. Easy to say that these special assassins (EOP and their synthetics) serve as the key to unlock these receptor so that sneak in and GET RID OF THE PAIN!

*For your information THE RECEPTOR are a good friend of G- Protein and his girlfriend, Adenylyl Cyclase. Only one person who will always feel down seeing G-Protein and Adenylyl Cyclase together, she is --> cAMP, G- Protein’ s ex- wife.

So, after they ‘unlock’ the Mew ( µ ), Mr. Kappa and Delta, what happened?

This is the difficult part – (lesson : never sleep during the lecture!). Before we know how they kill the pain, we need to have a brief idea about the thing we hated most : PAIN SENSATION !

Situation 1 : You were running down the stairs and suddenly tripped your leg and fell down about 23 flight of steps. Unluckily, your leg hit hardly on shattered glass of the broken crystal vase you were carrying.

The injured leg will actually try to share what happen with other part of your body. The first person who will receive the news is THE AFFERENT NOCICEPTOR, being a gossip girl; she will spread the news with the aid of 2 ‘radio’ channels which are Calcium channel fm and Potassium Channel fm to the SPINAL CORD who is closely related to the BRAIN. Well, when the Big Boss Brain get to know the accident, he will get mad and -- ouch! Here comes the pain sensation!

The road to the Brain from AFFERENT NOCICEPTOR is the Sensory Fiber Lane, Dorsal Horn Junction, Ascending Spinal Pathway and the Thalamus road.

So, what the painkiller did was, they unlock Mrs. Mew and her family --> and block the Calcium channel fm --> reduce the information reaching the spinal cord. They also will open more Potassium Channel fm which will make the spinal cord unable to tell the Brain what happen. If the Big Boss Brain doesn’t know, then we won’t feel the pain!

Censored : Precursor of EOP , Apo – Morphine, Activity and Selectivity of THE RECEPTOR, supraspinal & spinal analgesia, sources, physiological and pharmacological effect

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hardship is man's best friend

You may not agree with me, but I strongly believe that, hardship is man’s best friend. We may not realize, but it is due to the hardship, we dare to dream big. Whenever we are in a ‘comfort-zone’, we have no ‘true friend’ to challenge us to achieve more and obtain a better ‘comfort-zone’. Hence, hardships don’t only make us want to dream big, but they also are the one who make us recognize of our mistakes and sins.

The best example is our beloved prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h who had faced countless trials and tribulations just to spread the teachings of Islam worldwide. He was hated, isolated at one time, and even had faced murder attempts. But, he never hates the hardship confronted. Today, the population of Muslim world wide has reached to 1.81 billion in year 2007. In fact, we used to have great Muslim empires such as during the Uthmaniyyah and Abassiyyah ruling. Nevertheless, the golden era Muslim is already a history. Hopefully, this millennium Muslim’s hardship may once again bring us back to the golden era.

I read a simple biography of our past prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. He actually had to deal with loads of difficulties and other hardships. During his life as a medical student, they need to commute from one place to another by a lorry just to have a laboratory practical. The hardship he had faced before our independence makes him dare to dream big which is to develop the nation. I believe that, this also applies to other Malaysian leaders.

Isaac Newton, described as pathologically disable for even a small conversation had a miserable childhood life. But, today he is one of the world greatest scientists who came up with such a basic yet important theory of gravity and law of motion. Albert Einstein who was a college dropout had come out with theory of relativity and other important findings. Same goes with Stephen Hawking who suffers from a disturbing health condition, did not have a good career beginning. This however, did not prevent him from becoming one of the world known scientists.

If you read or come across with other public figures or any other successful person, we will see that they had faced many hardships during their earlier days. The second richest Asian women in United Kingdom used to sell ‘samosa’ from house to house. Today, she has her own factory to supply her own ready made curry to whole United Kingdom.

It is up to us to describe happiness, success and achievements. They vary in individuals and we have to respect that.

At one point of our life,when we are so happy and content, we may forget and neglect our best friend -> hardship.

When suddenly ‘they’ come by and say hi to us; we should actually think back of what we have done. Maybe ‘they’ want us to realize, recover and achieve more.
So, in whatever state you are in, never ever forget or even hate our true friend ->hardship. Then, we will always be a better and stronger person, to survive in the world with endless challenges, so that ultimately, we can be happy in the hereafter.