Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things that matters

1. Amir Raja Lawak - i am not a big fan of him, not even a fan to be precise. Everytime he tries to crack a joke and make people laugh, all he gets are unhearty,sympathetic, and mockery laugh. In fact,after trying so hard, he had to face all the synical remarks from the judges.If it's me to be in his place,i will just quit and try something else.But, this petite guy stays strong, blocking away all the negativity to stand on the stage, trying all different approaches to make us laugh our heart out.He is one person with a big heart.subhanallah

2. Ucop Wilcha-he is only a supporting actor in "Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah".But he himself had never expect that he can become so famous today; and now everyone is talking about him.He is invited to many TV and radio shows as guest star. Same thing goes for Nabil Raja Lawak and Upin Ipin. I dare say that they didn't expect that things finally turned out superbly well for them. SubhanALLAH, if ALLAH wants to give you rizq, HE CAN GIVE THEM IN ANY WAY THAT WE CAN NEVER IMAGINE. Thus, we must have STRONG FAITH in HIM.

3. My brothers:

One of my brothers is actually taking architecture course in one of the local universities. Honestly, i have to admit that he is so passionate in his course. Any magazines, reading material related to his course, he will buy them. In fact when there is any conferences, symposiums or exhibition; he will try his best to attend them.

Well, same thing goes for his younger brother, as he is so passionate in music, composing musics, and dai'e related matters.

As for my youngest 6 years old brother, he loves to play badminton so much, but unfortunately, he doesn't even know how to serve! HE PRACTICED EVERYDAY WITH THE WALL and forced my dad to send him to badminton class and now, he can return my dad's smash!

These are the things that are close to me, and somehow motivates me. SubhanALLAH.