Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding, Marriage, Family

It’s almost 3 a.m in the morning and I’ve been hopping from

one blog to another,

one photo album to another,

and the current issue now is – WEDDING!

Normally I don’t talk about this topic openly, more often than not, I keep the thought to myself or at least to my close friends..but seeing everybody throwing their ideas, dreams, thoughts about marriage life in this cyber world , makes me want to share mine….because I think mine is different. Here, I shall only share TINY portion of my outlook about WEDDING, MARRIAGE and things related to that.Don't take this seriously, just want to see it in a different angle. :-)

Lately, there have been lots of weddings involving those who are around my age, which make me think what if it’s me! One of the thoughts that cross my mind is FEAR!

1.You are beginning a new life, with someone new and with the families as well and also their lifestyles! You need to adapt to new environment, new people and maybe new lifestyle..and that is scary.

2.You are going to be away from your family, parents and siblings who really understand you and know how to deal with your bad habit… (everyone has one…duhh~) and that thought leaves ‘tarantulas’ in my stomach.

3.Millions of advices about marriage life to be memorized!!Damn I’m bad at learning new thing…what more of making them into habit! :S

4.During the wedding reception, how can you stand the attention, the snapshots,the flashes of the camera, the tease, the dSLR, the anxiety, the make-ups, the nerves and you are the centre of attention……I feel like running away!!! Runaway bride!!!hahaha…funny but true…!

5.Well, InsyaALLAH, you’ll be married to the guy or girl of your dream who loves and care you the most….BUT, the holidays makes me watch lots of SEBUTAN SYARIAH, and hears lots of cases in marriage couples…and that is terrifying! (There is element of exaggeration tau..heh)

6.I think 5 points is enough….don’t want to share so much of my thoughts…haha!

7.The point is…..i’m not mentally prepared to even imagine my marriage life…haha…belom cukup matang kot ~..hey, i'm grateful to be a girl, because if i'm a man, i sure have more FEAR, since i'm going to be a leader of my family where they are going to depend on me!

8.If you are answering this in your UNGS exam, you sure need to include this point – nak betulkan hubungan dengan DIA dulu…. (this thought just crossed my mind as I type this…and that kind of make sense to me)…Oh, I’ve been way to off the right track –how come this thought just crossed my mind??!

As I reread this, I laugh..I think some of them are quite funny…but kind of make sense if you view them that way…haha

p/s: youjusthavetoconsideryourselfluckytobereadingthis!hahahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Part of 'kuantan-Pos Pantos-Bangi-Terengganu-Gunung Liang,Tanjung Malim'

Hey there, it has been almost a month since my last post (in fact it’s exactly one month! What a coincidence). I have so many things to blog about:-

1. Mount Liang Expedition
2. International Bamboo Rafting Expedition
3. Community Posting Stories
4. New short true stories for hikers
5. Lesson learnt – Case Study
6. Career Options
7. And many more that I wish to share with others.

Maybe I should write first thing first:-

Mount Liang Expedition (8th – 10th May 2009)

The desire to use my new 40L+ Karrimor hiking bag leads to the decision to join Mount Liang East West Expedition organized by ARC Gombak, which gives me 1001 expectations because this time, most of my friends were not able to join. There were 31 participants that include me, Kak Yani, Hasan (the only people that I know), UIA Gombak students and students from Monash University and UniKL.

8th May 2009 (Friday)

We had to gather at KL central to catch 8.00pm train to Tanjung Malim. The trip was fun as we got the chance to meet Abu Bakar Othman, Malaysian actor (he happened to be in the wrong train, if i'm not mistaken), and he was very funny. We also spent the time playing cards. We finally reached the destination, (Tanjung Malim station was not that bad after all) and had dinner before going to the ‘kaki gunung’. We set up the place simple enough for a few hours of sleep before early hike on the next day.

9th May 2009 (Saturday)

I can’t really recall what time we began our climb, but the tracker had estimated that we shall reach the second base camp by 5 pm. The track most of the time were gentle slopes but as usual, I’ll be among those who were left behind as one by one went past us. Before reaching the second base camp, we came across 2 streams and one tributary. We spent more than 1 hour at the third stream as there were mini waterfalls. The temptation to bathe was so strong that we end up sitting under the waterfall enjoying the free spa!

After that we continue our journey and the track was no longer ‘mendatar’. That is when, I started to breathe heavily. Moreover, after the ‘free spa’, we were all wet and that slows down our pace. Whenever one of us feels tired, we stopped for a while to have a short rest. One of the participants, Ilham offered me and Kak Yani her
Red Bull drink. The bottle was very small so I just took one sip of the Red Bull. Believe it or not, after that, we had like an energy boost as we climbed non-stop for quite some time! We were like Red Bulls..! I was so surprised with myself. However, towards the end, I was panting heavily and my pace was extremely slow. We finally reached the second base camp at 3.45pm and that was early than estimated! The second base camp was very cold and foggy, which is perfect for a good sleep. That night, the Monash students set up campfire and we gather around for Taaruf session.

10th May 2009 (Sunday)

We woke up as early as 5 am so that we can start climbing early and reach the summit before the sunrise. One of us had brought along his SLR camera to capture the beauty of ALLAH’s creation during the sunrise. Having that as the driving force, we climbed non-stop with a quicker pace, It was not as tiring as the previous day but it was dark, and that was the challenge. However, we were disappointed because we did not make it to the summit before the sunrise. By the time we reached the East Summit, it was already bright. But, that did not stop us from taking photos..say KONICA! The distance from East to West Summit was not far, only 5 minutes long. But I and Kak Yani took almost half an hour as we were mesmerized by beautiful wild flowers, and magnificent spider webs! MasyaALLAH.

The west summit however was surrounded by tall trees which prevent us from enjoying the view. Not like the East summit whereby the view was magnificent. We can see range of mountains and hills at different tone of colour. Everything on the land seems very tiny. I’m not sure if I am exaggerating, but this may be the best summit view ever compared to Irau (maybe because of the fog), Senyum, and Stong. For your information, the height of Mount Liang is roughly around 6000+ ft (which is slightly lower than Puncak Irau). I don’t really know how to put this right; I had the chance to perform subuh prayer at the summit (take note that we reach there after sunrise). Opinions from you guys needed here!

Around 9 a.m we start moving down to the base camp. The pace was much faster and it was fun especially when we had episodes of ‘shuffle’ haha. We reach the ‘kaki gunung’ around 5 pm and clean up before go back home.

Well, personally I enjoyed this expedition and everybody was being very nice and friendly, funny and crazy too, they bring along 'the moon' flag everywhere! In fact, they are super helpful.To name all, there is 31 of them! Special thanks to Hasan for lending me his strong stamina to carry along my sleeping bag, my sweater and my water bottle, and also Kak Yani for slowing down her pace for me and Ilham for her Red Bull!