Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding passion

At first, i am not excited at all when i received the offer letter from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA) appointing me as a pharmacist. I became super devastated when it was confirmed that we have to report for duty on 1 st July which's in a week time! At that time, i had nil preparation; the medical check ups, the 'akuan sumpah' and few boring stuff that needed to be done...

I was posted to HOSPITAL SERDANG.. (hope that's the best for me!). As an orientation, i was posted to a pharmacy department called Out Patient Department (OPD).

Well, if you or your family member never get sick, you may not know this.

When people go to the hospital and see the physician (as an outpatient), they will prescribe you with medications. Then, that is when you have to go to OPD Pharmacy to get your medication. Usually there'll be counters with pharmacist ready to dispense the medications to you.

BUT, what actually happen is there will be a team behind there to check the prescriptions (we call that screening), if there is anything wrong with the dose, drug, regimens..we shall clarify with the prescriber. When all is done, the prescription shall be verified and ready to be filled. That is when we shall prepare all the medication prescribed by the doctor, and there will be another staff to countercheck. This is to avoid wrong medication given. Then they will be sent to the counters, and 'ding dong' your number will appear, and the pharmacist shall dispense the medications to you. The process have to be done quickly and correctly so that, the patient does not have to wait too long for their meds. (This is SUPERSIMPLIFIED explaination on OPD Pharmacy)

That is basically what happen.

Remember when i said that i was not excited at all at first? I seek for motivation...

A very successful figure told me this

" Shifaa, just imagine the difference you can make in one's life if you do your job dedicatedly, the patient who receive the medication shall get better and become healthier and can continue their life happily"

This made me realise that everyone has to play their role. Imagine a mechanic who repair cars (an ambulance or a police car - to make it more dramatic) , obviously will make difference in one's life.

"Some people motivate themselves with holidays and vacation after hard work. Why not make your job as a vacation itself! Everyday you are excited to go to hospital and ease the burden of the patients, and make people happy. You'll enjoy your life"

Also, a very important person told me this

"It is all depends on your 'niat' (intention), don't aim for the money, or status, but search for the knowledge and experience, work with passion and you'll find happiness. Whatever obstacle you face (making mistakes, being scolded, etc etc), take it as a learning process. Everyday, you pray to ALLAH to protect you and ALLOW you to help other and make other people happy, because if you have sincere intention ALLAH will make things easy for you"

I'll try my best to keep that in mind.....

Knowing my own weaknesses, I purposely blog this out hoping that i will never forget.

So,whenever i am feeling low, i can read this and RECHARGE!