Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Seriously, I have so many things going on in mind, but they are just ideas that can not be converted into letters and sentences. So I guess I'll just type my idea spontaneously…Everybody SPONTAN!

  1. Actually hari ini rase tak best, tak ade mood exam, and hati rase tak happy.
  2. To be specific, sem ini, tak se'interesting' as the previous semesters.
  3. Maybe sebab banyak sangat benda yang mengejutkan terjadi (sape soh busy body amik tau..blame me)
  4. Banyak sangat persoalan bermain2 dalam kotak pemikiran.
    1. Hypocrisy
    2. Civic minded
    3. Loyalty
    4. Polygamy
    5. Friendship
    6. Life priority
    7. Being an almost perfect muslim
    8. What goes around comes around (macam lagu Alicia keys)
    9. Dan banyak lagi (Semua cam bole masuk jadi tajuk2 UNGS je)
  5. I need answers, a perfect and accurate and concise definition on each of them
  6. Which make me realize, that I need to
    1. READ A LOT
    2. THINK A LOT
    3. SEE MORE PEOPLE – need to broaden my network, meet many people with many different lifestyle, cultures, perspective, knowledge… (I envy my parents, since during their college life, they had the chance to befriend with LOTS of people from different parts of the world, and they have their own opinion and perspective and style, and I like the way they think…..)

      (PERGHHHHHHH, puji parents sendiri, macam parents orang lain punye tak best jer. Hey, I don't know about your parents, mestilah diorang the best di mata korang jugak…..duhhhh~ )

  7. Actually, I don't know where this is leading to…….haha, another crap for you!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Justifying my weekends

Phew, susah betul nak update blog, I am so stressed with my laptop, so slow, it takes hours even for one letter to appear…cis! My ram is like 200+ MB, memang sikit kan? Or is it me who don't know how to take care of this expensive 'black book'…hmm

Anyway, half of the semester has already passed, let me just brief what I did during the weekends.

I registered 1 week late, so I had like extra 7 days of holidays! Yay! So, I did not go back during my first weekend. I can't really recall what I did during that weekend, but I think I spend most of the time practicing my vocals at Xanax with Ray and Fizah. And yeah, we went to somewhere near Gunung Tapis. We had hard time reaching the destination. Huh!

The second week, I joined Mount Buah Expedition with GG and Mida. Spent 2 nights at Mida's brother's house. Really had a great time. Oh, went to PC fair and bought and external hard disk…ahah!

What I did for my third week eh? Barely nothing…went to Xanax again with Tas, testing our vocals. And we went to Fun Fair..haha! Wait a sec, I think that is during the fourth week. I really can't recall what I did for my third week…erk.

After 1 month, the fifth week I went back home, skip class on Monday. It was a bliss! Then, Monday night head off to Terengganu…hmm, stayed until Wednesday. So I had like extra 3 days of 'holidays'. So that weekend I stay back at Kuantan. Preparing for the exam…prepare ke? Haha

That bring us to the seventh week, and of course I stayed back since we had exam during the weekends.

The eighth week, I went back to my hometown in Terengganu, to spend some time there. After 4 years of studying here, I've always been reluctant to go back to my hometown, sedangkan dekat…Now, I am so regretful!! I suck at keeping in touch, and making an effort for sillaturrahim…damn!

So, total up -

I spent 3 weekends in Kuantan

I spent 1 weekend on top of mountain

I spent 12 days = 4 weekends with my family

Just justifying my priority…

(Apparently this is supposed to be a post before raya, adey dah terlambat almost 1 month)


Sunday, August 23, 2009


It's either I have so many stories to share or I have nothing to share here.

Anyway, here are some thoughts and points to ponder, also some craps for you to bare with:

1.Just to share thoughts form others, hmm..

"apa gunanya saya memperluaskan kenalan wanita/lelaki saya tanpa kepentingan sedangkan saya hanya milik bakal isteri/suami saya seorang"

2.I' m not into cats, but my siblings are TRUE CAT LOVERS and there are 5 of them:
  • Black old female cat – 'Mak die'
  • Black and White male cat - 'Abang die' – anak 'Mak die' dengan suami pertama
  • Black female cat (still teenager) – Oprah
  • Black female cat with white dots near the nose(same age as Oprah) – Cindy Crawford
  • Black small kitten ( same age as Oprah and Cindy) – Sindrome

3.It's Ramadhan, and it's great to actually having the 1st breakfast at home.

Our first Ramadhan menu: Roti John (Org Kg Sg Tangkas), Mini Murtabak (Org Kg Sg Tangkas), Bubur Jagung, Fruit Cocktail, Sarsi, and Mexican Bun. – Simple, not heavy,and not so different from my daily Ramadhan menu in Kuantan, BUT, it's great when you are having them with all your family members.2nd Ramadhan menu – will be at Cik Pah's house.

I like my sahur menu at home – again when you are having them at home and 'sambil-sambil tengok tv – NUR KASIH'
  • 1st sahur – Nasi and kuah Rawan…yummm
  • 2nd sahur – Nasi and Ayam Masak Merah yang sangat sedap

My Terawih at Masjid UKM – Ok, the surah x panjang sangat and SANGAT ramai orang, me and my sis keep on changing the saff to ensure that people next to us is not the same person – H1N1 precautioncam ngarut jek!

Hope this Ramadhan is going to be A TOTAL TURNING POINT and a platform for me to find answers in all my 'PERSOALAN HIDUP' and 'SOALAN MID SEM'.

This may be my last Ramadhan as a student, and I shall cherish all the moment of hardship, sahur and break-fast and many other things because if there is another Ramadhan for me, it would not be the same.. *sigh*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

posted monologue

I hope and deeply wish that my final year in Kulliyyah Of Pharmacy is going to be a BLAST and MEMORABLE one which is going to end up as a PERFECT ENDING, not just for me, but to every single breathing soul in the 5th batch.

We had 3 years and in fact some of us may even have 5 years of knowing each other. We may have a lot of bitter memories in the past 3 years but I do hope that the PERFECT FINAL YEAR shall rub off the sour memory. Maybe in future, we will be laughing as we look back on how we reacted and responded.

This high expectation apart from my 1 week late of registering for the new semester just give the creeps and adrenaline rush as i feel left out. Sometimes, I have doubts upon my batch, and right now, I don’t feel like going back to Kuantan at all. I have the feeling that something is going wrong or is going to be not right. I don’t know, we may look alike, and have the same color of skin and hair, but we never know what lies within, and what do others think and feel about you.

I have been trying to be positive, but the negative thoughts have been running around in my brain. If you think that it’s about academic, you are off beam.What is wrong with me??I hate being so conscious in this case...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wedding, Marriage, Family

It’s almost 3 a.m in the morning and I’ve been hopping from

one blog to another,

one photo album to another,

and the current issue now is – WEDDING!

Normally I don’t talk about this topic openly, more often than not, I keep the thought to myself or at least to my close friends..but seeing everybody throwing their ideas, dreams, thoughts about marriage life in this cyber world , makes me want to share mine….because I think mine is different. Here, I shall only share TINY portion of my outlook about WEDDING, MARRIAGE and things related to that.Don't take this seriously, just want to see it in a different angle. :-)

Lately, there have been lots of weddings involving those who are around my age, which make me think what if it’s me! One of the thoughts that cross my mind is FEAR!

1.You are beginning a new life, with someone new and with the families as well and also their lifestyles! You need to adapt to new environment, new people and maybe new lifestyle..and that is scary.

2.You are going to be away from your family, parents and siblings who really understand you and know how to deal with your bad habit… (everyone has one…duhh~) and that thought leaves ‘tarantulas’ in my stomach.

3.Millions of advices about marriage life to be memorized!!Damn I’m bad at learning new thing…what more of making them into habit! :S

4.During the wedding reception, how can you stand the attention, the snapshots,the flashes of the camera, the tease, the dSLR, the anxiety, the make-ups, the nerves and you are the centre of attention……I feel like running away!!! Runaway bride!!!hahaha…funny but true…!

5.Well, InsyaALLAH, you’ll be married to the guy or girl of your dream who loves and care you the most….BUT, the holidays makes me watch lots of SEBUTAN SYARIAH, and hears lots of cases in marriage couples…and that is terrifying! (There is element of exaggeration tau..heh)

6.I think 5 points is enough….don’t want to share so much of my thoughts…haha!

7.The point is…..i’m not mentally prepared to even imagine my marriage life…haha…belom cukup matang kot ~..hey, i'm grateful to be a girl, because if i'm a man, i sure have more FEAR, since i'm going to be a leader of my family where they are going to depend on me!

8.If you are answering this in your UNGS exam, you sure need to include this point – nak betulkan hubungan dengan DIA dulu…. (this thought just crossed my mind as I type this…and that kind of make sense to me)…Oh, I’ve been way to off the right track –how come this thought just crossed my mind??!

As I reread this, I laugh..I think some of them are quite funny…but kind of make sense if you view them that way…haha

p/s: youjusthavetoconsideryourselfluckytobereadingthis!hahahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Part of 'kuantan-Pos Pantos-Bangi-Terengganu-Gunung Liang,Tanjung Malim'

Hey there, it has been almost a month since my last post (in fact it’s exactly one month! What a coincidence). I have so many things to blog about:-

1. Mount Liang Expedition
2. International Bamboo Rafting Expedition
3. Community Posting Stories
4. New short true stories for hikers
5. Lesson learnt – Case Study
6. Career Options
7. And many more that I wish to share with others.

Maybe I should write first thing first:-

Mount Liang Expedition (8th – 10th May 2009)

The desire to use my new 40L+ Karrimor hiking bag leads to the decision to join Mount Liang East West Expedition organized by ARC Gombak, which gives me 1001 expectations because this time, most of my friends were not able to join. There were 31 participants that include me, Kak Yani, Hasan (the only people that I know), UIA Gombak students and students from Monash University and UniKL.

8th May 2009 (Friday)

We had to gather at KL central to catch 8.00pm train to Tanjung Malim. The trip was fun as we got the chance to meet Abu Bakar Othman, Malaysian actor (he happened to be in the wrong train, if i'm not mistaken), and he was very funny. We also spent the time playing cards. We finally reached the destination, (Tanjung Malim station was not that bad after all) and had dinner before going to the ‘kaki gunung’. We set up the place simple enough for a few hours of sleep before early hike on the next day.

9th May 2009 (Saturday)

I can’t really recall what time we began our climb, but the tracker had estimated that we shall reach the second base camp by 5 pm. The track most of the time were gentle slopes but as usual, I’ll be among those who were left behind as one by one went past us. Before reaching the second base camp, we came across 2 streams and one tributary. We spent more than 1 hour at the third stream as there were mini waterfalls. The temptation to bathe was so strong that we end up sitting under the waterfall enjoying the free spa!

After that we continue our journey and the track was no longer ‘mendatar’. That is when, I started to breathe heavily. Moreover, after the ‘free spa’, we were all wet and that slows down our pace. Whenever one of us feels tired, we stopped for a while to have a short rest. One of the participants, Ilham offered me and Kak Yani her
Red Bull drink. The bottle was very small so I just took one sip of the Red Bull. Believe it or not, after that, we had like an energy boost as we climbed non-stop for quite some time! We were like Red Bulls..! I was so surprised with myself. However, towards the end, I was panting heavily and my pace was extremely slow. We finally reached the second base camp at 3.45pm and that was early than estimated! The second base camp was very cold and foggy, which is perfect for a good sleep. That night, the Monash students set up campfire and we gather around for Taaruf session.

10th May 2009 (Sunday)

We woke up as early as 5 am so that we can start climbing early and reach the summit before the sunrise. One of us had brought along his SLR camera to capture the beauty of ALLAH’s creation during the sunrise. Having that as the driving force, we climbed non-stop with a quicker pace, It was not as tiring as the previous day but it was dark, and that was the challenge. However, we were disappointed because we did not make it to the summit before the sunrise. By the time we reached the East Summit, it was already bright. But, that did not stop us from taking photos..say KONICA! The distance from East to West Summit was not far, only 5 minutes long. But I and Kak Yani took almost half an hour as we were mesmerized by beautiful wild flowers, and magnificent spider webs! MasyaALLAH.

The west summit however was surrounded by tall trees which prevent us from enjoying the view. Not like the East summit whereby the view was magnificent. We can see range of mountains and hills at different tone of colour. Everything on the land seems very tiny. I’m not sure if I am exaggerating, but this may be the best summit view ever compared to Irau (maybe because of the fog), Senyum, and Stong. For your information, the height of Mount Liang is roughly around 6000+ ft (which is slightly lower than Puncak Irau). I don’t really know how to put this right; I had the chance to perform subuh prayer at the summit (take note that we reach there after sunrise). Opinions from you guys needed here!

Around 9 a.m we start moving down to the base camp. The pace was much faster and it was fun especially when we had episodes of ‘shuffle’ haha. We reach the ‘kaki gunung’ around 5 pm and clean up before go back home.

Well, personally I enjoyed this expedition and everybody was being very nice and friendly, funny and crazy too, they bring along 'the moon' flag everywhere! In fact, they are super helpful.To name all, there is 31 of them! Special thanks to Hasan for lending me his strong stamina to carry along my sleeping bag, my sweater and my water bottle, and also Kak Yani for slowing down her pace for me and Ilham for her Red Bull!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kuantan– Pos Pantos, Kuala Lipis – Bangi –Terengganu – Gunung Liang

Date : 11th May 2009, Monday Font size
Venue : Berisi Cafe, Medan MARA
Time : 8.41 a.m (Kedai tak bukak lagi, so to kill the time, nak update blog)

The heavenly holidays actually begins on the 19th of April 2009, which is 2 days before Community Service & Health Screening for Aborigines (COHSAS) at Pos Pantos, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. That 2 days, we spent by shopping and preparing for the program. We shopped at Eng Hong till we almost dropped, (of course when you have like almost 5 trolleys FULL at the cashier!). Applying some of the practical done during our first year, we also had done some packaging of tablets and creams and syrups to be distributed to the aborigines as well as clothes for donation.

Our journey to Pos Pantos was fun and full of laughter. On the way to Pos Pantos, we dropped by at Hafiz Yunos’s house for lunch and a taste of kek lapis Sarawak. It was mouth watering and we even bought the cake for ourselves. Thanks Hafiz! Before we continue our journey, we were shocked by a minor accident where the bus was doing a 3 point turn, and hit the road and damage the lower front of the bus. But, with the help of ‘orang kampung’, the bus finally managed to get back to the main road.

We spent 3 days at Pos Pantos doing lots of activities. We COOKED for the villagers for the 3 whole days! It was a good thing for both sides because, the chefs (those who can cooked confidently and skilfully) can teach people who is less skillfull like me and at the same time, everyone ‘kenyang perut!’ I shall say, since the first COHSAS, the best place to ‘lepak’ is near the stove!

(Oopps, have to get moving, need to go to Princecourt)

Time : 11.00 a.m.
Venue : Day Care Center for
Endoscopy and Uroscopy
Status : nak jalan2, tapi ngantuk, sakit kaki and sakit belakang, dan nak kena
bawak laptop sambung blog

Besides, we also had done some health screening, visit to the school, fard ain class, games, karaoke ;p , movies, and cool demonstration! We distributed the over the counter (OTC) medicines to the aborigines and I was in charge for counselling. That’s when I realised how shallow my knowledge is! Takutnye~ But everything went on smoothly, and the aborigines were witty, sporting and can be sarcastically funny too. Some of them have good sense of humour. The kids were the best, most sporting and they have graceful harmonious voice! They love to sing Matahari and we were amazed. That’s when we came out with the idea to have a karaoke session! The kids also had done performance during the opening ceremony.

Well, we also had demonstration by the aborigines on how to make crafts using ‘daun pinang’. It was easy, and we had all the fun taking pictures with the leaf crown and belt! It was cool. In fact, there was also demonstration on how to cook rice using bamboo. It’s a big diameter bamboo, and on the inside, they put rice wrapped in ‘daun lirih’. There were few ‘bungkus’ of rice in ‘daun lirih’ in the bamboo. Then, they’ll be cooked on fire. The end product looks like ‘nasi timbel’ Indonesia. Sedap jugak.

The evening games was hilarious as we can see the kids seems excited, determined and full of trick to win the ‘baling belon’, ‘cari gula dalam tepung’ and few other games. The women also were all energetic to play ‘boling kelapa’, ‘asingkan rempah’ and few other games. We also have fun playing sumpit belon and watch the men play takraw in sarong.haha

That’s the brief I can tell about COHSAS. There were other activities for da’wah purposes and many more interesting stories. We had so much fun thanks to the crazy committees, wonderful superseniors and my girlfriends who came along to give support.

Just for us to think about :-

The government and society is giving so much help to the aborigines. They even assign an ‘ustaz’ for each village (as i was told lah..). Their rough income is around RM 200-300/month and they seldom eat meat and chicken. But, most of them are heavy smoker, and one of the houses even has a complete television set. Hmmm...

p/s : i'll upload the pictures later, they are not with me (need to have dg cam
fast! ;p)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Before I begin my emotional entry, I just want to say sorry to all cat lovers, animal lovers and environmentalist out there!

Trust me, before I came to Kuantan, I am not an animal lover, but I don’t hate animals as well. I never hit cats and still never and don’t have the heart to do that. Well, maybe occasionally I do intentionally; kill the ants, and maybe other insects. In fact, sometimes I enjoy playing with the kittens, and the feel of stroking the soft and tender furs is calming. Unfortunately, once I came to Kuantan, there are lots of incident that pissed me of. I had been controlling the urge to post entry about this, out of RESPECT to the cat lovers. But now, respect NO MORE.

Here is the story:-

1. It was 1st year, during exam week, it was stressful windy evening, (I don’t remember what subject I was studying), I went out of the room and suddenly, I realized that, ‘someone’ had peed in front of the door! Let me tell you, it’s not like one drop of urine, it’s more than enough to fill 100 vials! Imagine…Pissed off, but since it’s exam week, so I just clean them out without complaining loudly hoping that ALLAH will reward me in the exam hall.

2. It was Thursday night, the night before going to Perak for McLEAD. It was a tiring day as we just had our Industrial Tabletting practical and my group was the last one to finish. I have to pack up for McLEAD, but I decided to take a short nap because I was exhausted. That is when I realized that my bed is wet. ‘Pelik’ but I was too tired to check and just assume that it’s just ‘air biase’ when I realized that it was not just wet, it’s warm wet ( I don’t have the adjective to describe it). ‘Tak jadi nak tidor’ I check my bed and OMG, they stinks!! ‘KUCING KENCING LAGI!!!’.It’s like almost half of my bed! Extremely pissed of, I decided to wash my whole compartment and the foyer in front, I bring out all the shelves, and I WASH THEM! I was lucky to have Jijah and Atiq to ‘layan’ me. Thanks you guys *hugs*

3. This time, it’s just one of the boring and tiring days, I just got back from the class, put my bag, and went to the toilet and I forgot to close the door. When I came back, there was a fluffy cute cat on my table. I wasn’t in a bad mood, so I chase the cat out nicely and with love..haha! Only then I realized that ‘die kecing atas meja study aku and berjejeran atas lantai!’ I was so pissed of until I cried….sambil membersihkan bilik….DAMN!!!!

4. Today, after so long, again it happens. This morning, struggling to revise for MCQ, I went out, put on my shoe and…I smell the MOST UNPLEASANT SMELL EVER, STINKS AND IT SUFFOCATES ME. They had activated my anger receptor. Along the way to KOM, I just can’t read the notes anymore, I keep thinking about the smell and the CATS. Only when we got back, me and awe realized that, ‘kucing berak!!!’ in our laundry pail!!!

5. These are the incident that I will never forget. Banyak lagi, kes kucing kencing, berak, curi makanan.

Let’s go straight to the lesson of the day:

1. Mulianya hati pencinta binatang, banyak pahala diorang sebab membela binatang ni memang menguji kesabaran.

2. Tapi alangkah sayangnye, pahala yang kita dapat tu, di tolak pulak dengan dosa yang kite buat. Dosa?

a. Makcik2 cleaner yang saban hari terpakse membersihkan najis kucing, kesian diorang. If I were the makcik, berbakul2 sumpah seranah dah…tak pasal2 dapat dosa kering, sebab kita yang saying kucing and suka bagi makan, orang lain dosa sbb banyak sgt mencarut sebab terpaksa membersihkan hasil pencernaan kucing ke atas makanan yang kita kasi tu.

b. Bayangkan, kalau kite terpijak dan x perasan, pastu buat sembahyang pulak…..apekah itu? Tak tau la kot2 ade hujah dan pendapat pasal tu…

c. Mungkin kita boleh sabar, tapi kite kena consider masyarakat di sekeliling. Take responsibility of your action. How?

i. You love the cat, and you want the cat to in the mahallah, you feed them
(always or occasionally) in the pantry, the cats will start to feel
comfortable and feel free to ‘ berak and kencing merata-rata kat mahallah,
so be ready to clean them!!!

ii. If you don’t want to clean them, please, kalau nak bagi makan, make sure you
are far away from mahallah.

iii. Or, if you really love them, send all the cats to SPCA or any agencies.
They’ll take a really good care of the cats



I don’t know what you’ll think of me when you read this, but this is how I feel right now and I want you to know. I am terribly sorry to my friends who are cat lovers..SORRY GUYS. I hope that one day; ALLAH will grant me a heart like you guys. Now, my love towards cats had vanished. Sorry sume2 yang syg kucing . AKU MOHON MAAF IKHLAS

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why do I blog?

Well, currently studying clinical pharmacy, but as usual, i'm distracted with the high speed internet right now, and unfortunately, i'm stuck reading people's blog.

I have been thinking, why do actually people blog? But i don't have the time to do some research, so here is the inconcrete reason i have figured out :-

1. If you are not careful enough, you can be arrested in ISA! - that shows the impact of blog

2. Most reporters have their own blog - they can express more freely, no edit-edit, it's all in their control (BUT, with etiqques of course!)

3. People do blog, to gain money! That's creative...

4. Our leaders have their own blog. Check out che det's - this is where they spill out and share their brains, thinkings, view, comments with normal people like us!

5. Some people do it for dakwah - From the the students - make sure jage niat tu!

6. Some to share info and as an effort to unite people -- check out MyPSA blogspot

7. Some just love to write - they will write poems, stories, riddles, and other creative entries

8. Some people blogs on what they do, their activities...this is good actually, we'll learn to appreciate every single moment of our life ---> more as a memoir... people will know their recent updates...

9. Some average people (as in not a public figure) just want to express their thoughts, ideas, emotion, disagreement, point of view, interest and many more

10. Some just love to write on comtroversial issue....

AND MANY MORE REASON, which, i don't feel like including....10 is enough already..

some of us may not agree with the reasons of blogging.
Some expression such as ' come on, your blog bores me, it's not fun at all' , or ' omg, he actually tells every single thing about his life,puh-leaaase', ' what's the point of posting such entries!' , ....

That shows, that every people has their own purpose and reason for blogging and we have to RESPECT that! There is no one definite purpose of blogging...Different reason for different people...

p/s : As for me, i seldom update.Previously, in my friendster blog, the posts are mostly on what i do, or what happen to me...usually i post what i feel like writing (or typing)..

This semester, many things happen that make me do a lot of thinking; which makes me feel like posting more on what i think rather than what i do.... *long sigh* ... (padahal baru 4 post je...hahahahaha)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Edited version of 'Daerah' - Daerah Aku

I'm not talented of making poems, so i edited 'Daerah Ini' to make them more ME....haha

Mereka kata:
kau akan sayu di daerah itu,
jawapanku: Aku selalu bersama tuhanku
kupasrah padaNYA,sehening tiupan salju
kernaNYA aku rasa jitu dan mampu melebihi manusia beribu

Daerah ini daerah tenang, sekalipun ada yang kata outdated
Daerah ini daerah damai, sekalipun sukar untuk sampai
Daerah ini daerah merdeka, sekalipun ada yang mengejeknya
Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini

Kata mereka : daerah kau itu jauh
Jawab ku : pada Tuhan aku bersauh kukuh

Yang jauh itu jiwa yang mungkir
Padaku daerah ini amat hampir

Kata mereka : daerah kau itu sepi
Jawab ku : Aku tidak pernah sunyi dengan alunan murni
Yang sepi itu jiwa yang inginkan pujian dan belaian kasih mesra
Padaku cukuplah dengan irama keredhaan Tuhan

Daerahku ini daerah berpendirian, berpaksikan firman Tuhan
Bukan ikut trend, bukan ikut kawan, bukan ikut sorakan atau tepukan
Daerah ini tidak pernah peduli
Apa kata orang sekeliling

Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Sekalipun ada yang tak gemari
Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Sendiri membawa diri dan sanubari

Biarkan saja aku di daerah ini
Kerna aku mengerti, ia amat suci dan abadi

I am happy of what i am right now, no regret of being among the minority ~ if you know what i mean

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Rid of Pain :-'(

Body System: Central Nervous System - Pain and Opioid Analgesic - Dr. Bala

This is the lecture which I spent most of the time by dozing off..Zzzzzz. Even when I tried to listen back to the recorded lecture, I fell asleep after the first 15 minutes..and wake up on the next day! How sedative…! Well, he spent exactly 58 minutes and 48 seconds (how accurate is that!) talking about Pain and their Killers! (Hey, it’s not violent!)

Do you guys know that in war, whenever our soldiers were SEVERELY injured, they seem to tolerate with the pain?

This is because, they have their own inner PAIN KILLER inside their body. But, this particular assassin will not kill the pain unless they (the pain sensation) are TERRIBLE! (kire diorang tak main la kalau setakat sakit sikit). So, don’t expect that when you accidentally cut your hand, you will not feel the pain, because this painkiller acts only if the pain is extremely severe.

Who is this high class assassin? –They are – ENDOGENOUS OPIOID PEPTIDES a.k.a EOP

* to be precise, they don’t actually KILL the pain, but rather CONTROL them

Well, maybe some family history of this brutal murder, EOP?

EOP has his own followers who claimed and proud to be part of the pain mafia. They tried to be different and distinctive, with their weird names – ENDORPHIN, ENKEPHALIN, DYNORPHINEThey think it’s brutal –do you think so??

* That is why today, we can see many EOP wannabes out there in the market (should I say blackmarket?) . They are all not original, not natural…all are SYNTHETIC. But hey! They are willing to kill even minor pain! Have you heard of morphine and codeine? They are among the SYNTHETIC OPIOIDS. Just for your information, there are also semisynthetic opioids (But, we’ll just talk about them later…)

How on earth they can actually reduce and kill the pain???

Well these pain killers either synthetic or EOP, actually kills the pain with the aid of a thing call THE RECEPTOR. There are 3 types of receptors known as Mrs. Mew ( µ ), Mr. Kappa and their son called Delta. Easy to say that these special assassins (EOP and their synthetics) serve as the key to unlock these receptor so that sneak in and GET RID OF THE PAIN!

*For your information THE RECEPTOR are a good friend of G- Protein and his girlfriend, Adenylyl Cyclase. Only one person who will always feel down seeing G-Protein and Adenylyl Cyclase together, she is --> cAMP, G- Protein’ s ex- wife.

So, after they ‘unlock’ the Mew ( µ ), Mr. Kappa and Delta, what happened?

This is the difficult part – (lesson : never sleep during the lecture!). Before we know how they kill the pain, we need to have a brief idea about the thing we hated most : PAIN SENSATION !

Situation 1 : You were running down the stairs and suddenly tripped your leg and fell down about 23 flight of steps. Unluckily, your leg hit hardly on shattered glass of the broken crystal vase you were carrying.

The injured leg will actually try to share what happen with other part of your body. The first person who will receive the news is THE AFFERENT NOCICEPTOR, being a gossip girl; she will spread the news with the aid of 2 ‘radio’ channels which are Calcium channel fm and Potassium Channel fm to the SPINAL CORD who is closely related to the BRAIN. Well, when the Big Boss Brain get to know the accident, he will get mad and -- ouch! Here comes the pain sensation!

The road to the Brain from AFFERENT NOCICEPTOR is the Sensory Fiber Lane, Dorsal Horn Junction, Ascending Spinal Pathway and the Thalamus road.

So, what the painkiller did was, they unlock Mrs. Mew and her family --> and block the Calcium channel fm --> reduce the information reaching the spinal cord. They also will open more Potassium Channel fm which will make the spinal cord unable to tell the Brain what happen. If the Big Boss Brain doesn’t know, then we won’t feel the pain!

Censored : Precursor of EOP , Apo – Morphine, Activity and Selectivity of THE RECEPTOR, supraspinal & spinal analgesia, sources, physiological and pharmacological effect

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hardship is man's best friend

You may not agree with me, but I strongly believe that, hardship is man’s best friend. We may not realize, but it is due to the hardship, we dare to dream big. Whenever we are in a ‘comfort-zone’, we have no ‘true friend’ to challenge us to achieve more and obtain a better ‘comfort-zone’. Hence, hardships don’t only make us want to dream big, but they also are the one who make us recognize of our mistakes and sins.

The best example is our beloved prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h who had faced countless trials and tribulations just to spread the teachings of Islam worldwide. He was hated, isolated at one time, and even had faced murder attempts. But, he never hates the hardship confronted. Today, the population of Muslim world wide has reached to 1.81 billion in year 2007. In fact, we used to have great Muslim empires such as during the Uthmaniyyah and Abassiyyah ruling. Nevertheless, the golden era Muslim is already a history. Hopefully, this millennium Muslim’s hardship may once again bring us back to the golden era.

I read a simple biography of our past prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed. He actually had to deal with loads of difficulties and other hardships. During his life as a medical student, they need to commute from one place to another by a lorry just to have a laboratory practical. The hardship he had faced before our independence makes him dare to dream big which is to develop the nation. I believe that, this also applies to other Malaysian leaders.

Isaac Newton, described as pathologically disable for even a small conversation had a miserable childhood life. But, today he is one of the world greatest scientists who came up with such a basic yet important theory of gravity and law of motion. Albert Einstein who was a college dropout had come out with theory of relativity and other important findings. Same goes with Stephen Hawking who suffers from a disturbing health condition, did not have a good career beginning. This however, did not prevent him from becoming one of the world known scientists.

If you read or come across with other public figures or any other successful person, we will see that they had faced many hardships during their earlier days. The second richest Asian women in United Kingdom used to sell ‘samosa’ from house to house. Today, she has her own factory to supply her own ready made curry to whole United Kingdom.

It is up to us to describe happiness, success and achievements. They vary in individuals and we have to respect that.

At one point of our life,when we are so happy and content, we may forget and neglect our best friend -> hardship.

When suddenly ‘they’ come by and say hi to us; we should actually think back of what we have done. Maybe ‘they’ want us to realize, recover and achieve more.
So, in whatever state you are in, never ever forget or even hate our true friend ->hardship. Then, we will always be a better and stronger person, to survive in the world with endless challenges, so that ultimately, we can be happy in the hereafter.