Thursday, March 29, 2012

A walk not to remember

I ve been hopeful for that day,
For all of us shall be gay,

Like a child with a new toy,
And a dad with a new boy,
As coming days shall be filled with joy,

I can't wait

But it was just a short ray,
As the gay don't really stay,
It was only halfway,
As the ship sailed away,

What am I supposed to say?
When I don't really know the way,
Though they never really say,
I can feel the dismay,
Sorry for making us astray,

That day,
I was at the bay,
feeling that ship sailed away,
Seeing it sinks,i never may,
Only my heart sinks,i can say,
For now at the bay I just stay,

In silence, the tears run dry,
Husnuzhon I shall try,
To the heart,I ll just lie,
To myself faking a smile,
For they don't know why I cry.

Being hopeful,i shall try,
Only one knows why I cry.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Run

It's the run,

Which i decide,

That i will run ahead,

Leaving the footsteps behind,

With no regret,

i decide not looking back,

and hoping that the steps behind will catch up,

and i shall not wait

if the steps didn't catch up,

if the steps ever catch up,

It's the run,

When everything changed,

I will run ahead,

Thank you ALLAH, for making it easy for me. Syukran

Okayyyyyyyy...what i like about run, marathon, half marathon is that:

1) Usually the flag off time will be as early as 6 am, so for Muslims, we can grab this opportunity to do Qiamullail! We have to wake up early, and why not spend some time intimately with ALLAH?

2) One time, we have to gather at Bukit Jalil before 6 am, so i went out as early as 5 am, and as i drive out, i saw one makcik setting up a table and a canopy to sell nasi lemak. ( i never realize that she starts her day as early as that)

3) You will get the chance to run on the highways, and breathe the fresh air instead of asap kereta!

4) You'll finish the run at least by 9 am (for beginners like me) and it not like aargh, it's already the end of the day. You can still come back home and have breakfast, read newspaper, catching up and enjoy weekend morning with your loved ones.

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I just love the quite and stillness of morning!

p/s: my first post for this year!