Thursday, December 30, 2010


As a start,i think this is going to be a very dry topic.But for the sake of trying out this new application from my new Galaxy S,just bare with me. Another thing, apart from being dry i think this entry seems like showing off. ;-)

Anyway, most pharmacy department in government hospitals are actually working hard towards some sort of accreditation (persijilan).I don't know much about this but the aim is to provide best service to the patients. So,factors that lead to problems in giving out the best service shall be eliminated. For instance, the arrangement and storage of drugs should be systematic enough so that ANYBODY even in the first week of employment can easily find the correct drug at shortest time.This applies to other aspect as well such as filing of documents, storage of departments' key and etc.Dry isn't it?

Well,what happened in Hospital Serdang was, our big boss had arranged 2 days course for us.She actually called a trainer from one training company (i guess) to guide us with methods to achieve our aim.

Ok this trainer had introduced to us a term called budaya KAIZEN which means small improvement but its continous or in Malay, peningkatan walau sedikit tetapi berterusan. It is actually originated by the Japanese culture.Now it is a commercialized culture in Malaysia.Why? because apparently,this company is being paid to promote and inculcate the culture in most of the hospital in Malaysia.

The thing is...

I find that budaya KAiZEN sounds sooo familiar..

And i realised that it reminds me of

The concept of ISTIQAMAH in Islam

A concept that has been taught to us Muslims since childhood..but somehow i did not realise the value and rewards that can be obtained (money,profit,influences,........) until i learnt about budaya KAIZEN. A Japanese culture which is being promoted extensively even to non Japanese and most importantly being practised and uphold by the Japanese themselves!

i understand if you dont get me...i think i have difficulties in expressing my points clearly lately.

So why 5s...?

(Shifaa Sangat Suke Syok Sendiri) :-P

p/s : 5s is actually another Japanese method which i don't feel like explaining.Just google them out.
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